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Where to Find Us

Our main address is:

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
I-20 East at Alpine Rd.
Columbia, SC 29219

Our general phone number is:

Toll-free: 800-288-2227

We also have South Carolina BLUE retail centers in Columbia, Greenville and Mount Pleasant where you can speak to us in person. Not near one? We also have mobile retail centers that travel across the state.




Shop Our Plans

You can learn about our plans and even get a quote online. Or you can speak with one of our representatives at a South Carolina BLUE retail center.




Contact Information for Members

Have questions about what your plan covers? Want to check the status of your claims? Log into My Health Toolkit® to access information about your benefits. Once you log in, you also can send us a secure message if you still have questions.

The following contact information may also be helpful.


  • Health Claims: 803-264-2215 in Columbia, or toll-free 888-410-2227
  • Dental Claims: 803-264-3879 in Columbia, or toll-free 800-222-7156

Prescription Drugs

If you have BlueCross drug coverage:

  • Prescription Drugs: 855-811-2218
  • Specialty Drugs/BriovaRx: 877-259-9428

BriovaRx is a division of OptumRx. OptumRx is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager, an independent company that has been contracted to provider certain services related to your health plans prescription drug coverage. 

South Carolina State Health/Dental/Vision Plans

For State of South Carolina: employees, retirees, and local government entities covered under these plans.

  • Health Claims and Benefits: 803-736-1576 in Columbia, or toll-free 800-868-2520
  • Dental Claims and Benefits: 803-264-7323 in Columbia, or toll-free 888-214-6230
  • Pharmacy Claims and Benefits: 855-612-3128 (Express Scripts)
  • Routine Vision Claims and Benefits: 877-735-9314 (EyeMed)
  • Address Changes and Premiums: 888-260-9430 (PEBA)

Federal Employee Program

  • South Carolina Midlands or Upstate: 800-444-0025
  • South Carolina Charleston Area: 800-444-4325
  • Out of State: Please call your local BlueCross or BlueShield Plan.


You can also contact us by mail. Please include the member's name, address and member ID. The address is:

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
P.O. Box 100300
Columbia, SC 29202-3300




Contact Information for Providers

The following table includes some common reasons providers contact us and options for each.

If you want to… Use this contact:
File claims or check eligibility. Log into My Insurance ManagerSM.
Submit electronic HIPAA transactions.
Enroll your practice or billing service to get electronic data.

Get information on mental health benefits, providers or practices.

Get electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA).
Request prior authorization for advanced radiological procedures or radiation oncology.
Join our network. Update your information. Or check your network status. Provider Enrollment
Reset passwords for encrypted emails. Or troubleshoot STATchatSM functionality. 855-229-5720
Get help with technical issues on My Insurance Manager. 855-229-5720
Verify network participation for Blue Plans nationwide.

Go to the provider directory at
On the home page, look for Find a Doctor or Hospital.

Get educational support for BlueCross and BlueChoice® HealthPlan plans, not related to claims status. Contact your provider advocate.
Get a copy of your 1099 tax form for BlueCross, BlueChoice®, TRICARE, Companion Life and others. Life insurance is offered by Companion Life. 800-991-2701

Companion Benefits Alternatives (CBA) is a separate company that manages behavioral health and substance abuse benefits on behalf of BlueCross.

National Imaging Associates (NIA) is an independent company that provides radiology authorization services on behalf of BlueCross.

BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Because Companion Life is a separate company from BlueCross, Companion Life will be responsible for all services related to life insurance.




Contact Information for Agents

Are you an agent with questions about selling our plans?

Plans for Individuals, Families or Employer Groups With 2-50 Employees

  • Get answers online. Log into My Business ManagerSM .
  • Contact our Marketing department: 803-264-2328 in Columbia, or toll-free 800-288-2227, ext. 42328

Plans for Groups With 50+ Employees

  • Contact your local regional office:
    • Charleston: 800-476-8231 ext. 22103
    • Columbia: 800-288-2227 ext. 42793
    • Greenville: 800-922-1185 ext. 21306




Report Suspected Fraud

We appreciate you keeping us informed. Please complete this form.




Careers at BlueCross

Please visit our Careers page.




Subpoena or HIPAA-Compliant Information

To request records from us, we need either:

  • A valid South Carolina or federal court subpoena
  • OR a HIPAA-compliant authorization form

Out-of-state subpoenas aren’t valid in South Carolina. Please contact the Richland County Clerk of Court or a local South Carolina attorney about getting a South Carolina subpoena for an out-of-state action. You can also use a HIPAA-compliant authorization form found on our website to request certain records.

Health records available in the normal course of business include:

  • Claim form. This is the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) form completed by the provider for services rendered.
  • Claim summary report. This is a summary of claims processed for a certain period of time. It generally includes line item information, diagnosis code and provider information.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). An EOB provides information about the benefits we paid for a particular claim.

We generally don’t have copies of medical records. Please request these directly from your provider.


Need to reach us?

Your best BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina phone number is on the back of your member ID card. That’s because we have dedicated call centers for our specific health plans. So you’ll more quickly and easily reach a representative who can access your records and benefits. Look for the Customer Service number listed first.

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